Mormon Remote Viewing

I generally try to keep my religious and professional activities separate. However, it seems that when one is engaged in the exploration of a "paranormal" phenomenon, there is inevitably some overlap. The papers and articles linked on this website may be of interest to those familiar with LDS (Mormon) doctrine. There may also be answers here for people of other faiths facing similar questions. "Confessions of a Mormon Psychic Spy," is of direct relevance to remote viewing, while other pertain only indirectly.

As an added caveat, I should explain that most of the articles and papers that will ultimately find their way here were originally written for presentation at various of the symposia sponsored by the Sunstone Theological Foundation, a private organization founded to explore various intellectual and other issues confronting Mormonism. While this organization has many valuable qualities, it is the focus of some controversy in the greater Mormon community. Most of my articles were written as a response to what I see as a secularist, materialist, and overly-critical trend among some of the foundation's adherents. That focus, however, doesn't detract from the relevance of the articles to a larger audience. As always, feedback or comments on these writings are welcome.

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